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Who is Emily Kramer

Building a marketing powerhouse

Emily Kramer is a seasoned marketing strategist and the co-founder of MKT1 Capital.

With an impressive background that includes leading marketing teams at tech giants like Asana and Carta, Kramer has firmly established her expertise in the B2B marketing sphere.

At MKT1, she leverages this experience to help startups build effective marketing functions, offering a blend of investment, education, and strategic guidance.

MKT1: A hub for marketing excellence

Founded in 2020, MKT1 stands at the intersection of investment, education, and content creation, primarily focusing on B2B companies.

Emily, alongside co-founder Kathleen Estreich, has shaped MKT1 into a multifaceted platform. The firm invests in startups, connects marketing talent, and educates through various courses and a widely-read newsletter.

The MKT1 Newsletter, hosted on Substack, is where Kramer shares her wealth of knowledge. The newsletter boasts over 40,000 subscribers, a testament to the value and insights it offers

A community leader and influencer

Beyond the newsletter, Kramer’s influence extends through MKT1 Capital and Community.

This broader initiative reflects her and her partner’s commitment to nurturing high-growth B2B companies.

They not only write and teach but also connect marketing candidates with startups, thereby fostering a vibrant community of marketing professionals and founders.

What does Emily Kramer write about

Niche marketing strategies

Emily’s writings often focus on specialized marketing strategies that cater to specific market segments.

For instance, her piece on “wedge marketing strategy” emphasizes starting with a niche, providing immense value, and gradually expanding to broader markets.

This approach helps startups carve out their space in competitive industries.

Evaluating marketing impact

Understanding the real impact of marketing activities on revenue generation is another core topic Emily explores.

Her insights into marketing analytics are crucial for startups that struggle with tracking and measuring the effectiveness of their marketing efforts.

She offers guidance on setting up foundational tracking systems to unlock critical insights into customer journeys.

Choosing the right marketing channels

Emily also delves into the complexities of selecting appropriate marketing channels for startups.

She advocates for a strategic approach that aligns channels with business goals and customer needs, ensuring that marketing efforts are not just widespread, but also targeted and efficient.

For instance, in her piece on choosing the right marketing channels, Kramer breaks down the process into manageable steps.

What will you learn from Emily Kramer

WTF is wedge marketing

Lastly, Kramer’s focus on niche marketing through the wedge strategy is a lesson in precision and adaptability.

By learning how to identify and dominate niche markets, startups can build a strong presence and gradually expand their influence.

Kramer’s guidance helps businesses create a targeted approach that maximizes impact and efficiency.

How to get traction for your startup

Readers can expect to gain a thorough understanding of how to select and prioritize marketing channels that are not just popular but are the most suitable for their specific business context.

Kramer’s approach helps startups avoid common pitfalls and instead invest in channels that promise the highest returns in alignment with their unique goals and customer needs.

Show your boss the numbers

Lastly, from Kramer’s guidance on marketing analytics, startups learn to navigate the complex landscape of marketing data.

Understanding what metrics to track and how to interpret them can transform a startup’s marketing from a trial-and-error approach to a data-driven strategy that consistently supports sustainable growth.

Kramer’s expertise helps demystify the analytics part of marketing, enabling startups to make informed decisions that drive revenue and business success.

Learn more about Emily Kramer

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Last Updated: 05/12/24

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