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The Ultimate Guide to Using Customer Testimonials to Boost Sales

People don’t trust brands, they trust other people. That doesn’t make brands powerless — customer testimonials are a powerful weapon they have at their disposal. However, a generic insincere endorsement is as good as not using any. Around 92% of buyers are more likely to make a purchase after reading a trusted review.

Emil Kristensen @ chartmogul marketing

SaaStr Crosses 1,000,000 Social Followers. Lessons Learned.

We historically did not really track social followers as a core metric. We’re B2B folks 🙂 As B2B folks living in a B2C world, here are my top learnings. They aren’t really that new if you’ve read similar posts in the past, but I still thought I’d collect them.

Jason Lemkin @ saastr growth

SaaS marketing guide: differentiate your SaaS marketing strategy

You’re working in a field where the presence of new companies is constantly expanding, and your savviest competitors are likely to be literally giving their product away for free. But with the complexity of SaaS products comes an unlimited number of marketing possibilities to help your product stand out from competitors.

Jason Lemkin @ profitwell marketing

Product Led Growth: Turning Salespeople into Sherpas

There’s a common misconception that sales and product led growth don’t go together, and I think I understand why. Think of product led companies like Slack, Dropbox, or Zoom. Did you start using any of those products because a salesperson sold you on it? Probably not. And yet product led growth companies do have sales teams.

Blake Bartlett @ saleshacker sales

magic vs configuration

six years ago i ranted that features aren’t buttons, then down-spiraled into some drivel about marketing and specialization. today we revisit the “build more features” anthem that plagues technology creators everywhere. we start with arguments and counter-arguments. i want to grow my company, should i build more features?

ryanckulp product

10 High-Converting Landing Page Examples From Top Bloggers

Have you ever wondered why you’re not getting the kind of conversion rates other bloggers claim to have on their landing pages? While a myriad of factors ranging from traffic quality to reader intent could be at play—there’s a lot you can do for increasing your conversion rates, simply from experimenting with how your pages are designed.

Ryan Robinson @ convertkit marketing

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