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Search competition: Who are you really competing with?

Assessing your traditional competitors in search is critical, but you also need to analyze who competes with you purely through search rankings. Competition is constant. No matter what business you’re in, there will always be other people competing with you for customers, subscribers, viewers, partners, etc. Do you know who they are?

Andrew Dennis @ searchengineland seo

How to Improve Your MRR Growth Rate

Contrary to what you might see in some case studies, MRR growth is not always linear. I’ve seen firsthand how startups can experience periods of flat or even negative growth, and when it happens, so many companies default to “how do we get more customers?” There’s a common misconception that the only way to improve MRR growth is by getting more customers.

Dominique Jackson @ baremetrics growth

How to craft a five-star Instagram strategy (in 8 easy steps)

Instagram is brimming with opportunities for online creators—but it can often be tough to crack. Get it right, and you’ll attract a thriving community of followers eager to share your content (and open their wallets). Get it wrong, however, and you’ll end up sinking countless hours into creating content your audience may not ever see—let alone enjoy.

Kieran Tie @ convertkit marketing

The Peloton Pivot

When you hear Peloton, you probably think of equipment, namely their exercise bike. Their value proposition of “connected fitness” is built on the foundation of high-performance equipment. However, I believe that’s going to change. Their December 2019 announcements align nicely with a recent shift in their positioning to classes on-demand.

Rob Litterst @ profitwell business

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