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The Secret to Success in Product Led Growth

Many B2B companies use a tree as an organizational chart, where functions happen from top to bottom. As a result, work is siloed. The secret to success in product led growth: cross-functional teams. “To excel and thrive in a product-led company, you must be great at cross-functional collaboration,” Kieran explained.

Kristin Hillery @ openviewpartners product

How to Assemble an Effective SaaS Pricing Team

Pricing is core to your business, and your SaaS pricing team should reflect that. Think about it: product development, sales team activities, marketing strategy and finances. All heavily impacted by the way you decide to price your SaaS solution. Unfortunately it’s common for SaaS pricing to be done on an ad-hoc basis.

Kristin Hillery @ cobloom business

A bias to action

Recently I’ve been in a number of meetings where it felt we lost our Bias to Action. Instead of helping to nurture and implement a new idea, teams discussed the ways it could go wrong. Fear of what could go wrong crowded out the conversation of what could go right. I want Carta to be a Bias to Action and a Bias to Yes company.

henrysward business

50 Top Tips To Take Friction Out of Your Sales Processes

Say no to a non-ideal prospect as fast as you can. Presumptive close in a transactional sale. Help people buy how they want to buy and be as transparent as you can with pricing. Listen. Take good notes. Recap the meeting to ensure alignment. Sell to the next step not jumping to the close. Do your homework up front.

Jason Lemkin @ saastr sales

4 myths of bundling

Isn’t bundling a bad thing? Recentlty, my opinions on paid subscriptions and bundling have changed 180 degrees. I’ve come to realize that some of my previous misconceptions are fairly commonplace. This doc is a discussion of 4 myths that I’ve heard regularly… and the 4 theses I would replace them with.

Shishir Mehrotra @ coda product

30 Lessons After 30 Million SEO Visitors

What’s funny, though, is I barely look at my traffic, even as Google continually rolls out algorithm updates. I know that sounds contradictory because if you are an SEO, why wouldn’t you obsess about traffic, right? Well, it’s because I’ve learned some hard lessons over the years… Don’t obsess over rankings, obsess over conversions.

neilpatel seo

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