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Stop selling. Start guiding.

The art of sales has evolved dramatically with the rise of the Internet. Today, modern buyers have access to vast amounts of information about your product, competition and the market. With a Google search, buyers can compare product features, pricing options and more. Information is both a blessing and curse.

kracov sales

Stop being the hero

Your customers and teammates want to be the hero, so the greatest opportunity is to help them get there; be the Yoda to their Skywalker. Most of us see ourselves as the hero. We need to save our customers to win them over. We need to save our teammates and direct reports to add value. The best products and leaders recognize this nuance and make an ever-lasting impact.

productlessons product

Moving fast and building smart: The value of quick customer feedback

Collecting customer feedback is crucial to making smart product decisions, but it can be time-consuming for both our team and our customers. This might mean compromising on production speed, or on customer satisfaction if our users feel they’re being contacted too frequently. Here are three tips for collecting customer feedback quickly and efficiently.

Alissa Tyrangiel @ intercom product

Most Companies Measure Content Marketing ROI Incorrectly. Here’s Why (and How to Fix It).

Whether you’re doing content marketing in-house or as an outside consultant, you’re inevitably going to get asked, “What’s our ROI from content?” Or, if you’re just beginning your content marketing efforts, “What can we expect our ROI from content to be?” The first step to measuring your return on investment is to choose a content marketing metric that actually has value.

Cameron Brown @ growandconvert content

How Vimeo Executed a B2B Pivot That Redefined Their Future

Every SaaS entrepreneur knows it can be difficult to execute a significant business pivot. Yet the reward may be worth it. Vimeo CEO Anjali Sud shares how a pivot from targeting B2C creators to the B2B market put the company on the path to success. In 2017, Vimeo was targeting consumers and creators. It was known as the “indie YouTube.” However, that space was too difficult to dominate, and customer feedback and behavior signals indicated that the B2B market would be the better path.

Amanda Beaty @ saastr growth

Growth is about systems, not hacks or ideas

While great ideas are sexy and exciting, that’s not what’s going to change the trajectory of your business and uncover that hidden opportunity you were looking for. Sorry to inform you, but there are no silver bullets. It’s easier to believe that Dropbox’s growth success came from one idea about a referral program — but they fail to mention the hundreds of interactions required to achieve such a level of customer satisfaction.

Pedro Clivati @ growthhackers growth

Growing new pipeline? 5 things that matter

Generating a new pipeline is the biggest challenge for marketing teams. Solving it is more than marketing tactics. 5 things the best marketing teams do: The ‘how we will grow’ model, What swings do I make?, Choosing > Prioritizing (People often think the hard part about strategy is prioritization. But prioritization doesn’t reduce the size of the list, it simply orders it.), Operating models to grow fast, Hire Talent vs. Everything.

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