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Where do the best marketers turn for advice and inspiration?

What worked in SEO, content, and growth just a few months ago may not be effective today. Making things even more challenging, there’s so much noise. One of the best parts about being a marketer today is the ability to engage directly with some of the smartest minds today.

Bud Hennekes @ cxl marketing

What is Structured Data? And Why Should You Implement It?

Structured data is a standardized way to provide information about a web page. It helps search engines like Google to better understand what your content is about. It doesn’t directly help you to rank higher in Google. However, there are many benefits. We’ll focus on the four most important ones.

Michal Pecánek @ ahrefs seo

The Super Beginner’s Guide to B2B Prospecting

Early stage B2B startups follow a familiar pattern: they have an idea, build an MVP, then rope friends and former co-workers into becoming beta customers. What comes next? You need to start prospecting. This guide is designed to help Seed stage startups prospect their first customers by providing practical steps.

Ethan Ruby @ craft ventures sales

“Powered by” - An Acquisition Channel Nobody is Talking About

I was reading through all 483 founder interviews on IndieHackers and was trying to discover what acquisition channels do consistently work for founders. I noticed a particular acquisition channel that was being mentioned as often as SEO, press outreach and affiliate marketing, yet, (almost) no one talked about this one.

Darko @ zerotousers growth

How to Optimize Your Landing Page Using Qualitative User Research

Increasing your landing page conversion rates through optimization has a significant impact on your bottom line. You spend most of your time running A/B tests, yet, you still can’t seem to grasp why your visitors behave the way they do. So, what’s your solution? Using qualitative research to understand the reasons behind your visitors’ behavior.

Molly Stovold @ conversion

How we talk 1:1 with 15000 users/mo to make product decisions

Today, we handle ~500 customer chats per day. That is like talking to 15,000 customers every single month, 1 on 1. We bifurcated the support chats into Product Help, Feature Request, and Bugs. We are also very disciplined to add new tags during a new feature release. We look at metrics like the total number of chats related to bugs, which feature gets the maximum number of product help queries, what are the most used support articles etc.

invideo support

Altruistic referrals are 86% more effective

When asking customers to refer you, use the altruistic “Invite a friend to give them $20 off, you will get $20 too” rather than the selfish “Invite a friend to get $20 off, they will also get $20 off” or the commonly used “Invite a friend to both get $20 off”. Try to ask for a referral right after the customer has purchased your product (or consumed it, depending on what you sell).

Thomas McKinlay @ ariyh growth

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