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The 2020 State of SaaS Product Onboarding

In 2020, your onboarding is going to be one of the most important things you can invest in. It has a direct impact on product activation and adoption. It improves retention and decreases churn. Essentially, it can make or break your SaaS product. We noticed that a lot of SaaS companies still haven’t mastered their onboarding.

userpilot onboarding

Practical SaaS Retention Strategies That Move The Needle

I don’t know about you, but it pains me to see customers cancel. Every time I see the notification in Slack, I get a sick feeling in my stomach. Why are customers canceling? How do we reduce churn? What can we do to improve retention? Here are 7 retention strategies that can assist you in retaining as many customers as possible.

Bayley Dietz @ openviewpartners product

How to Win at SMB SaaS

Net retention is everything. The average SMB SaaS company sees churn rates of 3-7% monthly. This means — mathematically speaking — that the average SMB business cannot scale. The only way to grow is to be non-average. If you can get gross churn rates down below 2.5% monthly, then you may have a business.

pmathieson churn

How to Use SEO to Boost Branded Keyword Rankings on Google

Some SEO low-hanging fruit is almost too low. It makes you think you don’t need to try to earn better rankings that generate more traffic. Just because your brand is included in a keyword phrase doesn’t mean your site ranks No. 1 for it. Variables could include: Domain authority, Content relevance, Domain name, Distributor websites, and more.

contentmarketinginstitute seo

How to Get More Traffic with SEO

If we spend time and effort creating content to get more traffic, SEO becomes an unavoidable subject. SEO plays a big role in getting a return from all of our efforts and building our audiences through email signups, opt-ins, and ongoing traffic. One of the mistakes I see is not approaching SEO with a plan or a specific outcome in mind.

Tim Stoddart @ copyblogger seo

4 Steps to Better Lead Generation Strategy

Customers are increasingly demanding more from B2B organizations. They no longer want to be treated just as “leads” in your system. They want simple, fast, and intuitive solutions to their complex problems. And they have options. This is where an advanced lead generation strategy comes in.

Lilian Smith @ marketo marketing

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