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The New SaaS Metric You Should Be Tracking

Natural Rate of Growth (NRG): How fast a company grows without even trying—before layering on incremental investments in sales and marketing. We’re looking to pinpoint the percentage of your recurring revenue that comes from organic channels and starts with your product.

Sam Richard @ openviewpartners growth

PLG just means good business

Product-led growth changes how companies grow because it brings a focus on how the product you’ve built can help you acquire more customers. Customer acquisition doesn’t just become something marketing is focused on, the responsibilities for acquiring great customers expands to the product team as well.

Abby Sullivan @ profitwell growth

Marketing Right Now Is #$%*ing Hard.

Many of us are hesitant to do “marketing”—it can feel wrong right now. But when it’s done right, marketing is about recognizing and serving a real need. Kettle & Fire KNOWS that people are asking about the shelf life of their product because they want to stock up.

Rand Fishkin @ sparktoro marketing

Grubhub’s link building strategy

Alongside Grubhub, US food delivery is now dominated by Doordash and Uber Eats. All have similar site structure. Grubhub’s organic traffic is 50% higher. Thirteen years later, Grubhubs’s link-building is still paying off: That’s the power of good SEO. Plant an orchard. And you’re eating fruit everyday. The long game is the shortcut.

marketingexamples seo

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