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What makes Stripe different?

[Twitter thread] I recently left Stripe after 4.5 formative and magical years. Some reflections on what made working at Stripe feel different than working other places: 1/Turpentine, 2/Writing, 3/Meticulousness, 4/Principled decision-making, 5/Ambition, 6/Talking up, 7/The API metaphor.

zebriez business

The Definitive Guide to User Onboarding: Part One

This is NOT a lame “listicle” with 5 steps to do user onboarding right. Instead, I’m going to share the same tactics and strategies I use to help SaaS companies optimize million-dollar user onboarding funnels. You’re going to see tested strategies that are working right now. The entire guide will take you well over 80-minutes to read and months to implement.

Wes Bush @ openviewpartners onboarding

How an obsession with customers turned into product excellence

Hiten Shah knows a thing or two about starting companies. After over a decade in the tech world and five multimillion-dollar products, Hiten built a new product from over 500 conversations with customers, extensive competitive analysis, an MVP built in five days, and numerous product iterations and growth experiments.

Hiten Shah @ productboard product

How to Run Sales in the Era of Product-Led Growth

How do you keep Product-led growth effective in a market where all competitors are using it? Align it with your sales and marketing teams. Product-led growth (PLG) has been used by some of the most successful SaaS companies for years, but it’s only in recent months that the wider community is starting to take notice of it.

Aazar Ali Shad @ chartmogul sales

How Hyper-Targeted Marketing Helped Zola Take Over the Wedding Industry

By now, you’ve probably heard something about Zola. If you haven’t, suffice to say that they’re kind of a big deal in the wedding industry. After exploding onto the scene in 2013, Zola quickly became the fastest-growing wedding startup in the United States, trouncing old-school competitors with their headache-free approach to big-day planning.

Garrett Hughes @ unbounce marketing

Enterprise Software Is Dead

For decades, a stark distinction existed between enterprise software (targeting Fortune 2000 companies) and the rest of business software (targeting mid-market and SMB). Those differences are fading away. The distinction of enterprise software is becoming irrelevant. Going forward, it’s all just business software.

Austin Petersmith @ capiche product

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