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Understanding what you should (and should not) be building

Uber’s tech is truly is mammoth (now). Uber started off as a simple monolithic app (one app performing all functions) and eventually moved to a complex SOA (service-oriented architecture) to tackle scalability, reliability and maintainability among others. However, where exactly does someone like you or me begin?

Hrishikesh Pardeshi @ flexiple product

The Ski Slope Strategy: How I Made $100,000+ Per Month

This strategy is not ideal for all businesses. It is designed for aggressive SaaS marketers who want consistent AND scalable traffic. If you want to get millions of traffic, hundreds of thousands of leads, and thousands of customers per year, then THIS is the system to do it. Backlinks, SEO, organic traffic… they are all important, but nothing beats a content system.

Chris Von Wilpert @ contentmavericks marketing

Increase ROI from Drift Chatbots with Experimentation

Here at Optimizely we recently have begun using Drift chatbots as a way to engage in real-time with customers and prospects. Are you wanting to get even more value out of the chatbots you’ve created with Drift? Do you want to know which bots perform best to different segments of your customers or on different pages?

Becca Bruggman @ optimizely marketing

15 Lessons for Every Sales Enablement Program

Want to take your sales team to higher peaks? Then, it’s time for a sales onboarding revolution. There’s a lot of information and skills to learn to get up to speed, hit quota and become an all-star rep. In short, we need a better playbook for sales onboarding. And that’s why the Lessonly sales enablement team is releasing theirs.

Rachel Saltsgaver @ openviewpartners sales

The 5 Key Principles of Customer-Centric Selling

Sales is a different game than it used to be. Everyone is looking for the magic ticket to boost sales, whether in traditional industries or emerging fields. But the secret isn’t a secret. Put your customers first. Customer centric selling elevates the people who matter and create real, resilient relationships that anchor a sustainable revenue stream.

Elizabeth Wellington @ helpscout sales

The 13 Critical Questions to Answer about Your Startup’s Product Marketing

Early in the life of a business, the product manager (often a founder) plays both the role of the PM and the PMM. Over time, the startup’s growth demands a more specialized role. Many times, the PM builds the product as quickly as possible to establish product/market fit. In contrast, the PMM answers critical questions about the company, product and market to ensure the product sells. What are these critical questions?

tomtunguz business

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