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The product-led organization’s hierarchy of needs

You need to understand your product usage at the deepest level before you can start using product-led strategies to drive positive business outcomes and, ultimately, identify your product’s biggest advocates and activate them. Remember Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs from grade school? Physiological needs, safety, belonging, all the way up to self-actualization? Well, there’s a version of that for building successful product-led organizations, too.

Tom Relihan @ pendo product

The Methodology for Creating Share-Worthy Content in 2021

How can data driven content drive backlinks? I dug deeper into Glassdoor to better understand what content helped support their SEO / backlink growth. A few key trends stood out for me as it relates to the type of content that gets links: Make sure the data is helpful / useful, make the story evoke emotion, make the data exciting, and lots more.

Ross Simmonds @ foundationinc seo

How Stripe Dominates Online Payments by Going After Developers

When Stripe launched in 2010, dealing with payments online was painful. It required significant development work, working with banks and other financial institutions, passing multiple verification and compliance hurdles, and so on. Stripe came in with a vision to solve this problem. They focussed on going after developers — the main group of people involved in integrating payments. To achieve that, they knew they needed to provide a super simple solution that allowed developers to receive payments with as few lines of code as possible.

Ilia Markov @ chartmogul product

A new, better way to decide your pricing

You’re launching a new product. How should you price it to maximize profits (optimal price -> optimal quantity sold -> maximum profit)? You have roughly 3 ways to figure that out: Sell it, ask potential customers “How much would you pay?”, or look at what similar products are selling for in the market. In an ideal world, everyone uses the first, most accurate method. In practice, most companies, market research firms, and consultancies use the last two methods.

Thomas McKinley @ ariyh seo

9 Women Sales Leaders You Need to Follow Right Now

To wrap up Women’s History Month, I wanted to take a moment to recognize nine amazing women who are changing the game in sales – a field traditionally dominated by men. These women show us everyday what it takes to lead their teams and companies while also building and supporting the next generation of sales leaders; so we asked them to spill their secrets.

Alison Bandini @ drift sales

3 top challenges facing product-led growth marketers

Addressing every stage of the customer journey creates a never-ending to-do list for marketers at PLG companies (from tackling onboarding, customer acquisition, lifecycle messages, referrals, churn, and more — not to mention optimizing all the things!). But the cold reality is that you have limits on time and resources.

Janet Choi @ clearbit marketing

Usage-Based Pricing 2.0

Back in November I started writing about why forward-thinking SaaS companies are shifting to usage-based models. While many of the most successful public and private SaaS companies were already usage-based, there wasn’t a clear playbook on the complexities of scaling a usage-based business. I’ve learned a bunch more about usage-based pricing since that first artice.

Kyle Polar @ openviewpartners product

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