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Why Pausing a Subscription Can Be a Powerful Retention Tactic

Nearly 40% of subscribers of any service type​ cancel. More than a third cancel in less than three months, and over half cancel within six, according to a study by McKinsey and Co. So, how can you get subscribers to stick around? Instead of allowing subscribers to churn, you can retain them by enabling them to pause their subscription.

Kim Courvoisier @ recurly business

The top 6 subscription KPIs to measure for growth

The health of your SaaS business is entirely in the data, and you can get a more representative picture of your progress by reducing the number of metrics you observe. The trick is identifying a smaller set of metrics that tell the story of your business and making them your key performance indicators, or KPIs.

Patrick Campbell @ profitwell growth

Strategic Thinking

At the heart of all marketing work, if it’s going to be successful, must be strategy. That’s why most marketing initiatives today fail. Before we get into talking about marketing strategy and how it can be used to deliver better CX, let’s examine what we mean by marketing strategy.

toughcompetent marketing

The Definitive Guide to User Onboarding: Part Three

I’m going to share how you can create a just-in-time onboarding email sequence that converts. Signals tell us when we should send a specific email or enroll a user into a new campaign. In my Just-In-Time sequence there are four signals: Signup, Quick Win, Product-Qualified Lead, Customer. These signals tells us where the user is in their journey.

Wes Bush @ openviewpartners onboarding

The Complexities of Measuring SaaS MRR in the Real World

Calculating monthly recurring revenue (MRR) is simple enough for most B2C subscription businesses; calculating MRR requires taking that typical monthly payment and multiplying it by active subscribers. Many B2B SaaS companies used to take a similar approach to calculating MRR. But SaaS pricing has become much more complex in recent years.

Gary Amaral @ chargify business

The Best Books for Growth Marketers to Read Before 2020

2019 will soon be coming to a close. How, as growth marketers, can we prepare ourselves to hit the ground running in 2020? I asked marketers, founders, and CEO’s a question: What is one book that changed the way you looked at growth and brought tangible results for your company this year? Here are their top 10 recommendations.

Hale Schneider @ growthhackers marketing

After $2m-$3m in ARR, Your Leads Should Always Be Growing.

Progress in SaaS is never as linear as it looks years down the road. After about $2m-$3m in ARR, your organic leads should always be growing, You may have trouble closing them without a great sales team. You may struggle to service them. But if you are doing things right on the product side, the organic leads should always grow after that.

Jason Lemkin @ saastr growth

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