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The Hidden Freemium Advantage

I’ve heard every excuse in the book from companies on why they don’t consider freemium. “We’re an enterprise product and freemium doesn’t work for enterprise.”, “If we implement freemium, it will cannibalize revenue from sales teams.”, “Freemium will only drive low quality users.”, “Freemium products just won’t be cost effective.” These are all myths.

Elena Verna @ reforge product

For better products, start with a problem statement

The secret to shipping successful product is clearly defining for your team the problem that you’re setting out to solve. However, a problem statement is useless if it’s not written correctly. A problem statement focuses on what the customer needs, not what you think the solution should be. This is hard and counterintuitive, because humans are wired to think in solutions.

Robbie Allen @ intercom product

An Inside Look at Snyk’s Product Led Growth Strategy

Security products are sold with a top-down approach focussing on enterprise teams. The problem: There’s a relatively small number of these teams. Snyk found a way to expand their audience exponentially. Snyk puts developers first not only in terms of their cloud native application security product, but also in terms of how they market and sell that product.

Jamie Wallace @ openviewpartners product

5 Interesting Learnings from Atlassian at $2B in ARR

SEO and brand continue to work at scale. Atlassian had 21m unique viewers to its website last year, up 30% year-over-year. A vivid reminder that investment in content and brand pay dividends … forever. It’s never too late to add a great Free edition. Atlassian sees Free as its key engine of growth for the next decade.

Jason Lemkin @ saastr business

3 SaaS Marketing Themes For 2021

The more I think about this… the more it astounds me. Small daily tweaks make a massive difference over time. So all you need to do to completely transform the growth of your SaaS throughout 2021… is to just make sure you improve something each day. Whether it be tweaking a blog post, increasing your site speed, adding another email to your welcome sequence – DO IT. And do it consistently.

Tom Hunt @ saasmarketer marketing

21 Smart Google SEO Tips for 2021

These are 21 practical tips that you can implement that should, hopefully, move the needle on your organic traffic. These are some of the best tips that I’ve collected over the past year. Many of them that I’m going to use myself in my own SEO strategies. Now we have four categories: increasing clicks, content/on-page SEO tips, technical SEO, and a little bit of link building.

Cyrus Shepard @ moz seo

The 30 Best Pieces of Advice for Entrepreneurs in 2020

We know the time you spend diving into an article or popping in your headphones is more precious than ever, and we continue to be sincerely grateful to all of you for spending it with us. Here are the 30 best pieces of advice from our articles last year — take them with you as we look towards brighter days to come.

firstround business

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