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Who is Elena Verna

Meet the Growth Maven

Elena Verna, known for her newsletter “Elena’s Growth Scoop”, is a pivotal figure within the B2B SaaS sphere.

Formerly branding herself as a “Growth Hobbyist,” Verna’s journey in the tech industry has evolved significantly.

From her early days to now, she has become a seasoned advisor, investor, and board member specializing in Product-Led Growth (PLG) and sales.

A robust professional portfolio

Verna has actively contributed to the scaling and evolution of numerous companies. Her deep dive into growth systems isn’t a mere passion—it’s a career that has influenced many. 

Also, her roles span from advising startups to investing in burgeoning tech ventures, showcasing her multifaceted expertise in the industry.

Community and content creator

Beyond her advisory roles, Elena actively engages with the growth community through her Substack newsletter, which boasts over 38,000 subscribers.

Her content is a rich resource for anyone looking to understand the nuances of product-led growth and effective SaaS strategies. Verna’s approachable style and deep insights make her a beloved figure in the tech community.

What does Elena Verna write about

Decoding growth strategies

Elena Verna’s writings are primarily focused on the intricacies of product-led growth within the B2B SaaS sector. 

She tackles complex topics such as customer onboarding, activation strategies, and sales tactics with a unique blend of humor and expertise.

Her articles often include actionable advice that readers can directly apply to their businesses.

A spectrum of topics covered

From detailed frameworks on PLG growth tactics to innovative activation strategies, Verna covers a wide array of subjects.

Each piece is crafted to offer value whether one is a novice in the industry or a seasoned executive.

These articles are not just about growth tactics but also about understanding the broader implications of these strategies on a company’s bottom line.

Engaging and educational

Her writing style is direct and packed with insights, making complex subjects accessible and engaging.

Verna’s articles are a mix of her personal experiences and broad industry trends, providing a holistic view of the growth landscape in tech.

This blend of personal anecdotes and empirical evidence creates a compelling narrative that keeps readers returning for more.

What will you learn from Elena Verna

Insights on user activation and engagement

Elena’s insights into user activation are particularly transformative.

She argues that many companies misunderstand activation, focusing too narrowly on immediate metrics rather than long-term engagement strategies.

Her approach helps companies design systems that not only attract users but turn them into long-term customers.

Frameworks for Product-Led Growth

Verna’s writings provide clear frameworks that businesses can implement. For instance, her “Four W’s of Product-Led Sales” offers a structured approach to determining when a user or account is ready for sales outreach.

Such frameworks are invaluable for businesses aiming to refine their sales strategies without being intrusive.

Marketing and onboarding tactics

Lastly, her practical advice on marketing and onboarding tactics, like the onboarding email series strategy, provides readers with ready-to-implement strategies that have been proven effective.

Her content is rich with examples from leading SaaS companies, providing readers with templates that can be adapted to their contexts.

Where to learn more about Elena Verna

Social links

  • LinkedIn: Connect with her for professional updates and insights.
  • Twitter: Follow her for real-time thoughts and industry commentary.
  • Newsletter: Subscribe to “Elena’s Growth Scoop” on Substack to get regular, detailed analyses and growth strategies directly in your inbox.

Last Updated: 05/12/24

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