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Creator Spotlight

Emily Kramer Creator Spotlight

Emily Kramer is a seasoned marketing strategist and the co-founder of MKT1 Capital, and investment firm that offers insights via a newsletter.

Creator Spotlight

Elena Verna Creator Spotlight

Elena Verna, known for her newsletter “Elena’s Growth Scoop”, is a highly distinguished figure within the B2B SaaS sphere.

Creator Spotlight

CJ Gustafson Creator Spotlight

CJ Gustafson is a pivotal figure in the SaaS community, famously known for his newsletter “Mostly Metrics”.

Creator Spotlight

Ben Murray Creator Spotlight

Ben Murray, widely recognized as The SaaS CFO, is a well-respected figure in the SaaS financial landscape.

Creator Spotlight

Kyle Poyar Creator Spotlight

Kyle Poyar serves as a partner at OpenView, where he carved a niche as a thought leader in the SaaS industry since joining in 2016.