The Top Marketing Reads of 2023

The Top Marketing Reads of 2023


In 2023, AI upleveled marketing.

Think back to your recent morning reads – it’s likely that generative AI played a role in crafting those headlines.

However, the AI overlords haven’t taken over just yet. The future seems more like a partnership than a total takeover (so, our jobs are safe for now).

With tools like ChatGPT and DALL·E, marketers are now equipped to produce content rapidly, allowing more time for impactful work.

On the one hand, mastering prompt engineering has become an essential skill in getting the output you want. On the other hand, marketers are exercising their creativity by brainstorming strategies that will improve their pipeline coverage.

Here at SaaS Weekly, I’ve navigated through the fluff to bring you the most relevant information. Sifting out the noise and keeping my ear to the ground to find what’s truly working.

Here’s a list of the top marketing reads I’ve seen this year.

Let’s dive in!

The Top Marketing Reads of 2023

Marketing got an upgrade with AI in 2023.

Now, creating images or writing content has become easier with tools like DALL·E and ChatGPT. From refining ad targets with precision to crafting multilingual campaigns, AI is the new sidekick for every marketer.

But here's the real kicker: AI isn't just a fancy add-on; it's rapidly becoming the backbone of all your favorite marketing apps. Discover the top 10 AI tools for 2023 and when to use them in this article.

Article by: Juliet John and Zapier

As AI reshapes our work landscape, a crucial skill emerges: prompt engineering.

It's not just a fancy term; it's about getting generative AI tools like ChatGPT to work effectively. The secret? Crafting the right instruction through a blend of clarity, context, and creativity.

From Meta to Shopify, businesses are already harnessing this power, not just in tech but across various sectors. This article breaks down the essentials of prompt engineering, offering tangible steps and techniques for marketers and content creators.

Article by: Ethan Crump at Foundation

‘Good artists borrow, great artists steal.’

Don’t quote me on that; I’m not advising anything here. But getting inspiration for your next marketing campaign can come from reviewing what other companies are doing.

Here are 15 email marketing examples to draw insights and inspiration from. From onboarding flows to nurture sequences and even win-back campaigns, this article covers them all.

Article by: Dennis Buckley at Demand Curve

The B2B SaaS content marketing flywheel isn't just another complex framework; it's your roadmap to consistent pipeline coverage.

Think of it as a cycle that keeps your audience hooked.

First, you attract them with engaging content ('Adopt'), then make them fall in love with your brand ('Adore'), turn them into vocal fans ('Advocate'), and finally, get them to help grow your customer base ('Activate').

Article by: Virginia Clinton at Kalungi

Effective B2B SaaS marketing isn't always about flashy tactics; it's about smart, interconnected storytelling.

How? By leveraging a 'hub and spoke' content strategy. Think of it as the GPS for your website's content journey, guiding potential customers from A to Z effortlessly.

The hub? Your main topic. The spokes? Detailed subtopics, all linking back to the hub. The key to success here is to make every piece of content count, filling gaps in your buyer's journey and keeping them on your site, not your competitor's.

Article by: Mike Smith at Powered by Search

Some marketers use data as a tool to drive decisions, while others use it as a crutch to justify outcomes.

To avoid getting bogged down in data-based debates, here are a few quick tips.

Encourage a company culture where data serves as a starting point for conversations, not as a means to end them. Also, train teams to approach data and feedback with curiosity rather than defensiveness.

Article by: Dave Kellogg at Kellblog

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The Top SaaS Reads of 2023

The Top SaaS Reads of 2023

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