Insider Insights: A Roundup Of SaaS Predictions For 2023


What's ahead for 2023?

As we approach the end of the first quarter, we can start to reassess our expectations for this year. Should we adjust our assumptions for 2023 or have they been spot on so far?

So far, we’ve seen inflation persist, a wave of tech layoffs flood the labor market, and the beginning of a new AI War. But for B2B SaaS founders in particular, we’ve seen a new paradigm shift.

The “growth at all costs” mantra has been replaced by efficiency and profitability. As a result, the spotlight has moved from new logos to retention. Companies are now ranking reducing churn and customer success higher on their priority list.

But as we review our 2023 plan, we should also be on the lookout for what could be just around the corner. To help with that, we’ve curated predictions made by three thought leaders in the SaaS industry that could give us insights into what lies ahead.

Dave's Predictions

Article by: Dave Kellogg at Kellblog

  1. The great pendulum of Silicon Valley swings back
  2. The barbarians at the gate are back
  3. Retain is the new add
  4. The Crux becomes strategy book of the year
  5. The professionals take over for Musk
  6. The bloom comes off the consumption pricing rose
  7. The rise of unified ops
  8. Data notebooks as the data app platform
  9. Meetings somehow survive.

Janelle's Predictions

  1. More macro stabilization
  2. De-stigmatization of flat or down rounds
  3. Increased vendor consolidation and re-bundling
  4. Mainstream adoption of FinOps and productivity optimization tools
  5. Explosion of generative AI continues across more vectors and ushers in fundamental shifts

Article by: Janelle Teng at Next Big Teng

Tomasz's Predictions

  1. ML propels SaaS into a massive second wave that increases workers’ productivity measurably
  2. The hangover from web3’s raucous 2022 extends into 2023
  3. The Fed tames inflation
  4. Private equity acquires 10% of the 70+ publicly traded software companies by the end of the year
  5. The fundraising market thaws, but at materially lower prices than the first half of 2022

Article by: By Tomasz Tunguz at Tomasz Tunguz

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