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Is it time for tiers?

Rent the Runway is launching a third subscription plan. And this may be a good move for them. We’ve dug into the data here to find that simplicity in pricing doesn’t always win. The data that suggests complexity (from a number of tiers perspective) is worse than simplicity, is actually not correct. Less isn’t always more.

Abby Sullivan @ profitwell product

How UGC increased organic traffic 228%

Our client faced two oh-so-common content marketing challenges: a lack of SEO strategy and limited resources for content creation. Their resources section didn’t have much organic presence. User-generated content helped cut down time spent sourcing unique copy, while engaging their audience and increasing organic traffic.

Abby Reimer @ searchengineland seo

How to Change Anyone’s Mind

If you’ve ever worked as part of a team or pitched clients, you know that changing people’s minds can seem impossible. We present the facts as we see them, give our impassioned speech—we reason, cajole, or even threaten—but very often without effect. Successful change isn’t about pushing people harder, it’s about removing barriers.

Kerry Gorgone @ marketingprofs marketing

How Buffer Reached $20m in ARR by Focussing on ARPA

Early in 2018, MRR growth was starting to slow down and that provoked Buffer to start thinking about the best way to grow from $16m in ARR where they were at that moment to $50m over time. That’s when the team made a decision to focus on driving rapid ARPA growth, and investing in developing their products again.

chartmogul growth

Designing User Onboarding? Start Here

If you’re less than thrilled with your current onboarding experience, you’re probably feeling motivated to dive into a redesign. If you set the parameters of success as “we don’t hate it as much anymore”, you run a very real risk of simply replacing your old, ineffective experience with a newer, still-ineffective one. I have seen it happen many, many times.

Samuel Hulick @ useronboard onboarding

A Missive to Marketing: Impose Simplicity

Markets are complex. Customers are complex. Products are complex, sometimes very. Heck, the world is complex. What’s a marketer to do? Great marketing is about making things simple. We do that by imposing simplicity on a complex world. We want to make things as simple as possible, but no simpler.

kellblog marketing

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To be successful, an idea has to be 10x better

It’s true in my experience at least. The nuance of course is that you just have to be 10x at one thing that customers are willing to pay for. Not everything. As markets evolve, the big brands, the #1 and #2 in the space … tend to ignore things. Niche features that aren’t worth their time. Segments of the market that are too small.

saastr business

The SaaS Marketing Scorecard: How Does You Rank?

The value of this framework is two-fold. First, it enumerates the important priorities for a marketing team. For me, it was the first time I’d seen a taxonomy laid out plainly and simply. And second, the scorecard provides a way for a team to understand their strengths and weaknesses. You might score each on a 1 to 10 scale.

tomtunguz marketing

SaaS Acquisition: The Hidden Risks of “Frictionless” Sign-Up

Optimizing the sign-up flow is a never-ending saga for SaaS companies, for whom it’s mission-critical to acquire and activate users as quickly as possible. You can optimize your value proposition or call to action buttons all you want, but if your sign-up flow contains too much friction, you’re leaving money on the table.

Nikola Kožuljević @ cxl growth

5 Key Strategies To Optimize Growth Hacking Funnel

The times have changed. With competition rife today, businesses find it tough to rise above market noise and gain the attention of customers. This was compounded by a study where 37% of marketers revealed that prospecting was the toughest job for them of all. Another study found that 79% of marketing leads never converted to sales.

Sawaram Suthar @ growthhackers growth

3 Steps to Rapid Email List Growth

When you first start your business, there are a few pieces of advice that start to sound like a broken record. “You must build your list!” is one of them. For my first couple of years in business, I would add a few subscribers here and there, but it didn’t add up to much. At the end of 2017, I finally cracked the code on list building.

Molly Marshall @ convertkit marketing

3 drip sequences every inside sales pro should be using

Manually sending every single email to every single prospect sucks. There’s definitely room for non-scalable conversations and manual email outreach, but having the right automated drip sequences in place can be a game changer. It can take a lot of time to email leads one by one as they come in–and I mean a lot of time.

Steli Efti @ close sales

Why Your Startup’s Org Chart is Limiting Your Growth

This is the theoretically ideal organizational chart of a startup: there’s a CEO at the top in red, VPs in orange, senior contributors in dark gray, team leads in green, and junior individual contributors in light gray. The organizational chart of the typical startup in reality is very different: the departments are lopsided and scraggly.

tomtunguz business

Two approaches to marketing messaging at odds

Marketers I know struggle over the same messaging challenge: to what degree should we focus our messaging on the function of what our product can do, versus the emotion of how it makes me feel when I use it? We’re all human, so if brands can tap into a higher, more emotional meaning for us, we reward that with loyalty.

Shane Murphy-Reuter @ saastr marketing

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