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Is It Time Your Customers Got a Health Checkup? (Yes. It Is.)

Most of us know that, periodically, even the healthiest people need to go and get a “just in case” checkup. However, when it comes to customers, many SaaS companies rely on an “if it ain’t broke, leave it alone” model. If your customers have gone years without a routine checkup, here are the steps you should take to get back on track.

Anna Talerico @ openviewpartners product

How to Outrank Big Companies When You Have No SEO Budget

There’s a formula to SEO and as long as you follow it, you’ll get rankings. So, what’s this formula? Well, you write amazing content, optimize your code, create a great user experience, and you mix in some backlinks. The formula isn’t too complicated, but it does require hard work and patience.

neilpatel seo

Using Buying Groups to Accelerate Your Sales Process

Every few years there is a new buzzword in B2B marketing. A few years ago it was “Inbound Marketing.” Then, there was “Account-Based Marketing.” Now, we have “Buying Groups.” The philosophy of buying groups is to identify and engage a set of personas involved in making a purchasing decision.

Matisha Ladiwala @ insightsquared sales

Using automation to scale your customer experience

For Rick Nucci, customers will win as long as AI empowers employees to do more of what they do best – that is, dealing empathetically with other humans – while skipping tedious busywork that could be handled just as well by a bot.

Kaitlin Pettersen @ intercom cx

The Business of Design Thinking

Investing in design is a proven strategy. Design thinking is a method and set of frameworks that encourages learning, experimentation, and solutions based in knowledge. It is made up of 3 things well acknowledge and a 4th that gets less recognition.

Michael Preuss @ uxdesign design

Everybody helps: the evolution of all-hands support

All-hands support can be a touchy subject for customer support professionals. When you ask designers and programmers to reply directly to customers’ questions, doesn’t that imply that anyone can do our job? We’ve found new ways to leverage people’s existing skills into valuable work which helps the company as a whole.

James Glazebrook @ signalvnoise support

Creating a SaaS Marketing Plan from Scratch

There is without a doubt no harder thing to do in business than to start an effective marketing plan. Especially a SaaS marketing plan. Lots of factors contribute to creating a solid plan: the customers’ buying journey, the competition, and acquisition cost all work against you.

craighewitt marketing

10 steps to create a successful sales plan for your business

Strategy. Few words are thrown around with as much wanton disregard as ‘the big S’. The Internet is full of people who will tell you all about the success they’ve found from their strategies. But in selling, you need a proven sales plan template to guide your business growth.

Ryan Robinson @ sales

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