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Why Standups are Useless and How to Run Great Product Team Meetings

The majority of meetings are a waste of time. And in my opinion, one flavor of meeting that tops the charts in uselessness is the “status update” meeting. You know this meeting— the meeting where everyone gets together to share what they’ve been doing. The only time in which a standup is truly beneficial is in the run up to a product launch.

andyjohns product

SaaS Growth Strategies: The Five-Stars Framework

The value of features has reportedly dropped by 60-80% in the last 6 years, and with AWS and the like making it easier to build software, each software product has on average 3X the competition than they had 3 years ago. How do you compete, survive and thrive now? First, you need to understand how software companies really grow.

Ed Fry @ paddle growth

A Fail-Proof Structure for Your Revenue Operations Team

The stage is set. You define a revenue target and let the best of your crew run to achieve it. Marketing, Sales, and Finance are doing their things well. However, something is amiss. Your machinery is not as well-oiled as you want it to be. The unseen friction caused by siloed data and duct-taped processes sucks a fair share of your revenue into a chasm.

Swetha M @ chargebee business

The Definitive Guide to User Onboarding: Part Two

Part 2 of a 4-part series: User Onboarding Starts Like Building a Car. When assembling a car, you can have all the parts you need but if you don’t know what tools to use, there’s a slim chance you’re going to build a car that can get you from point A to point B. User onboarding is no different.

Wes Bush @ openviewpartners onboarding

Top 8 reasons for customer churn: understand why churn happens

Too many SaaS companies end up in this situation. They launch a product, start bringing in some solid revenue, and put all their efforts into acquiring new customers. Their success blinds them to the hidden dangers every SaaS company faces—dangers like high customer churn. Understanding the top reasons why customers churn, and how to adapt is vital.

Patrick Campbell @ profitwell churn

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The State Of Product-Led Experience

To uncover the challenges and competing strengths Product-Led organizations employ, we embarked on a mission to define Product Led experience in the SaaS landscape. To achieve this, we surveyed 40 SaaS organizations and 50 executives who own or lead Product-Led Growth practices.

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How to know when it’s time for a new sales leader

Your organization’s sales leader was likely hired to reach ambitious sales goals, motivate a hungry sales team and unlock new markets. Unfortunately, a great salesperson can sell themselves to a CEO as a great sales leader even when they really aren’t cut out for that job (ie. Michael Scott).

Steli Efti @ close sales

How To Create Viral Lead Magnets

Going viral isn’t a sound strategy. But you can copy the tricks that have taken others to viral marketing status. Here’s where to get started. In this article, I am going to share how we built a lead magnet that went viral and generated some incredible revenue.

Jake Jorgovan @ indiehackers growth

Customer churn prediction models: lowering CAC, maximizing retention

Churn is a scourge on subscription businesses. When your revenue is based on recurring monthly or annual contracts, every customer who leaves puts a dent in your cash flow. High retention rates are vital for your survival. So what if we told you there was a way to predict, at least to some degree, how and when your customers will cancel?

Patrick Campbell @ profitwell churn

6 Ways Your SaaS Company can Have Award-Winning Customer Support

Customer support has always been important in the SaaS industry, but its importance is only growing. Customers expect more authenticity in their relationships with the companies they do business with — and excellent customer support is perhaps the most critical component of customer relationships.

Karen Schmelzer @ chargify support

What makes Stripe different?

[Twitter thread] I recently left Stripe after 4.5 formative and magical years. Some reflections on what made working at Stripe feel different than working other places: 1/Turpentine, 2/Writing, 3/Meticulousness, 4/Principled decision-making, 5/Ambition, 6/Talking up, 7/The API metaphor.

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