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What Type of Links Does Google Really Prefer?

We all know that links help rankings. And the more links you build the higher you’ll rank. But does it really work that way? The real question is what kind of links do you need to boost your rankings? Is it rich anchor text links? Is it sitewide links? Or what happens when the same site links to you multiple times?

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The Subtle Art of User Onboarding & Adoption

In the last few years, user onboarding has become increasingly popular. But like everything else, things change over time. The “traditional” user onboarding flows and walkthroughs don’t work anymore. For the modern user, they’re overwhelming and unnecessary.

Yazan Sehwail @ openviewpartners onboarding

Lessons From 10,342 Blog Posts on Growth

“Growth” is all we want to talk about as a software ecosystem. Making the distinction between growth and acquisition is important, because we’ve found that improving retention or monetization can actually impact growth 2-4x more effectively than improvements in acquisition. We decided to dig into the data, running an anthropological study on 10,342 blog posts.

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3 Kickass Live Chat Campaigns You Can Create to Drive More Sales

If you’re not using messaging, you’re missing a huge opportunity — especially today, when customer engagement is driven by instant gratification and personalization at scale. The truth is messaging has taken over the traditional live chat space. It’s now a powerful medium for businesses to scale their inbound sales, marketing, and support efforts.

Manish Nepal @ saleshacker sales

Why Product Innovation Slows After the Series A

You’ve found product market fit. You’ve hired a team, your customer base is very happy. You’ve discovered a channel of customer acquisition that’s working. And then, product innovation decelerates to zero. Every innovation requires a Herculean effort to achieve. Why does this fact pattern evolve in many software companies?

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Nobody really owns product work

Nobody really owns anything in a product made by a team. Whatever ownership you have over an individual contribution is immediately forfeited the moment you commit the code. At that moment, the work becomes part of the ever-evolving organism that comprises a software system. Each piece of work is a mere pebble tossed into a flowing river.

Jonas Downey @ signalvnoise design

How I Survived Insane Hypergrowth at Airbnb

Helping the business scale like crazy was a roller coaster, and the pressure of operating at a breakneck pace can seem insurmountable. But I was able to handle stressful situations much better as I matured as a manager and, more importantly, as an individual. I developed a few rules that helped me succeed in a hypergrowth environment.

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5 Benefits of Creating an Ideal Customer Profile

The key objective of every B2B company is revenue growth. With this in mind, one would think organizations would capitalize on any available advantage to increase the percentage of deals that close. Creating an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) is just such an advantage, and it provides a number of other benefits.

Eric Wittlake @ topohq marketing

The Elegant 4-Step Process Any Rep Can Use to Ask for Referrals

Nine in 10 buying decisions are made with peer recommendations. Business-to-business companies with referrals have a 70% higher conversion rate, and they report a 69% faster close time on sales. Knowing how impactful sales referrals are, why don’t we as salespeople use them as often as we can? Largely because we don’t know how to ask for referrals.

Sujan Patel @ saleshacker sales

Your Company Culture is Who You Hire, Fire, and Promote

Every time I walk into a new company I’m advising, I invariably encounter a set of noble values prominently displayed on the walls. The first thing I’ve trained myself to do is to not take them as gospel, and instead carefully observe how people really behave, which will tell me the actual values I need to know.

Dr. Cameron Sepah business

Tell your creation story

SaaS companies need to tell their creation story. Not because they’re storytellers, but because It can help them acquire customers. Yes, I know this notion of a creation story might sound like something from ancient mythology. But there are plenty of examples of compelling creation stories from recent tech history.

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