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How to Build a Behavior-Based User Onboarding Email Campaign

In terms of user onboarding, prompts are critical during two moments: To help users achieve their desired outcome and experience the value of a product soon after signing up, and to help users to continue to use a product until they adopt it into their life and workflow. For Prompts to be effective, they should be personalized and timely. Avoid a purely time-based email flow at all costs. To avoid coming across as annoying and spammy, trigger emails based on the actions users have or have not taken inside the product.

Ramli John @ productled onboarding

How Gusto Uses Content To Take On Existing SaaS Giants

There are 5.5 billion small and medium sized businesses throughout the US that could benefit from Gustos services… But the top 3 payroll brands serve 45% of the category. It’s estimated that more than 6.4M people land on every single year from search alone. This traffic is also expected to represent less than 20% of their total traffic at large. The team at Gusto has implemented an SEO driven blog strategy to perfection; they’re beating many of their competition for phrases that they should have capitalized on years ago but didn’t.

Ross Simmonds @ foundationinc seo

Corporate Blogs Always Work. But Only If You Do Them Right.

How do you leverage a blog to actually generate leads? There are 100,000,000+ blogs, and more coming every day. And yet … done right, they are a critical part of your marketing and sales toolkit. Even on Day 1. First, write a few posts — just a few — that authentically show how to solve a customer problem. Not hype pieces, or rambling outsourced pieces of content. But telling potential customers how to solve a problem. Second, “settle” for just supporting leads, not generating them.

Jason Lemkin @ saastr marketing

Content Cleanup: How We Acquired 100k Users on Search by Updating Old Content

Kapwing’s Content Team designed most of our SEO processes in-house from first principles and experimentation, and we have created and refined a proprietary prioritization algorithm to rank new topic ideas by SEO opportunity. Until this year, however, we had struggled to form any strategies for content maintenance. In Q1, we ran 7 informal experiments on content maintenance to measure the ROI of refreshing old content.

kapwing seo

A ‘Lazy’ Content Creation System that Fits Quality Writing into Your Busy Schedule

Feeling exhausted by your current content creation system? If you’re dreading your content to-do list, you might be doing it the hard way. You’re about to learn my “lazy” approach to content marketing. It’s not totally lazy, of course. You’ll still work hard to create high-quality writing. But you’ll work smart. You’ll work lazy. When you create content like you’re running a relay race, content marketing will become a habit, like brushing your teeth.

Pamela Wilson @ copyblogger content

Is your product better enough to motivate changing?

Imagine you’re using a product and something bothers you about it. Maybe it takes 5 clicks to do anything. Maybe it works but is kinda ugly and clunky. “I bet I could make a new app that’s 15% better,” you think. “Instant business success!” This is a fallacy. This lesson took me many failures to properly appreciate.

joulee product

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Yes, you can pivot to Product Led Growth

Conventional wisdom says that you can’t pivot an enterprise SaaS company to Product Led Growth. I understand where that view comes from. Don’t get me wrong: there are *plenty* of challenges in PLG-ifying a business. But I’m here to tell you that PLG-ifying your business is worth the investment. And I’ve got plenty of success stories to share.

kylepoyar product

Upsides to Unshipping: The Art of Removing Features and Products

Even after features or products are deemed to have little to no value, teams keep them around for ages instead of responsibly removing them. Instead of associating unshipping with the traditional ‘What do we lose?’ perspective, let’s reframe to a ‘What do we gain?’ perspective. After all, unshipping can actually improve product metrics. As part of feature development, as well as evaluating the value of the feature/product on a regular basis, unshipping should be an option the team entertains.

reforge product

Improve User Engagement with the BJ Fogg Behavior Model

What user onboarding needs: to educate, explain, and inspire users. It’s crucial to find the right balance so that users are not overwhelmed or bored. Once you’ve created your straight-line onboarding, the next step is to add “bumpers” so users remain engaged and eventually adopt the product into their life or workflow. So... how do you immerse new users into your product so they feel motivated and inspired?

Ramli John @ productled onboarding

How to Drive NRR Over 100% With SMBs

There’s one theme we’ve reiterated over the years: To grow quickly after $100m ARR, you probably need a second core product, certainly to grow quickly as you approach $1B. The only question is when. Fast forward to today, and we can add an important nuance to that: a second core product not only helps you grow faster at scale (a bigger TAM), but it drives up NRR and more revenue from your existing customers.

Jason Lemkin @ saastr growth

How to be an unbiased marketer

You’ve probably found yourself countless times discussing: “Would our customers like X?” (e.g. a new feature, a new product). We need to beware of confusing personal preferences with customer preferences to actively suppress our own bias. Whenever possible (and reasonable), you should make decisions based on hard data instead (e.g. market research, MVP testing). When we’re sure of our personal preferences we’re mostly able to tell which are personal and which are those of the customer, so we can suppress them successfully.

Thomas McKinlay @ ariyh product

Assembly required – 55 sales tools to build the ultimate tech stack

Figuring out which sales tools you should buy and invest in – let alone understanding what each tool even does – can be a daunting task. This is especially true when you consider the seemingly endless list of sales tools to choose from. With 1,078+ vendors in the sales tech space, building your sales tech stack can quickly become an overwhelming exercise.

Max Klimmek @ intercom sales

Designing Customer Journeys for the Post-Pandemic World

Regardless of one’s industry, whether B2C or B2B, the following three simple but critical factors will determine whether your post-pandemic customer journeys will help amplify or impede business growth. Customer-centric, not company-centric: the vast majority of customer journeys I see focus on company outcomes. Customers have greater choice than ever before in terms of how and where they engage. But customers don’t follow scripts. They follow impulses, urges, whims, and preferences, often in unplanned moments of opportunity.

Gene Cornfield @ hbr product

Your Whole Website is Part of Your Content Marketing Strategy

For so long, we’ve focused on blog and video content as being the pillars of content marketing. The thing is, they’re not. Your website — the information architecture that makes up your entire navigation and user flows — is essential to your content marketing success. If the navigational systems on your website don’t make sense and are not optimized for search, you could risk losing out on potential traffic and conversions.

Brandon Anderson @ convinceandconvert marketing

The Struggle Is Real: Customers Have Difficulty Actually Buying

There’s a myth that corporate buyers hold all the power over vendors – that vendors struggle to sell. However, perhaps it’s the other way around: buyers struggle to buy. The single biggest challenge of selling today is not selling, it is actually our customers’ struggle to buy. Indeed, more than 75% of the customers described their purchase as very complex or difficult.

Yuval Shalev @ saleshacker sales

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