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SEO Content Writing: A 5-Step Process You Can Follow

The entire point of writing SEO content is to sell something. So in addition to ranking, high-quality SEO content should also convert visitors into customers. How do you write in a way that does both things—rank for keywords that drive organic traffic and convert visitors to customers? We’ll provide a better definition of SEO content writing and give you a process you can follow to do it yourself.

Cameron Brown @ growandconvert content

Reaccelerating Growth at Scale with Box’s CRO Mark Wayland

Especially with the coronavirus pandemic, Box—like many other SaaS companies—saw a decline in growth year over year. But this year, they’ve had three consecutive quarters of growth. When Box was looking to reaccelerate and reinvigorate our growth, the first place they looked was our messaging, and we’ve found a lot of success in getting customers to adopt new features within Content Cloud. So far in FY2022, 62% of our total revenue came from customers with more than one Box product, up from 57% in FY2021.

Amelia Ibarra @ saastr growth

How customer reviews can improve your SEO efforts

Customer reviews aren’t just trust signals for your customers — they can also provide potential SEO ranking boosts when used effectively. Featuring reviews — even if they’re bad reviews — is vital for brands wanting to build customer trust in today’s competitive SEO landscape. And with 53% of all trackable website traffic coming from organic search, marketers would be wise to capture some of that share with customer reviews.

Corey Patterson @ searchengineland seo

Embarrassed By Your MVP? Here’s Why That’s A Good Thing…

Dropbox started with just a demo video… Jeff Bezos manually shipped books every time he received an online order… Airbnb started in the founders’ apartment. They didn’t wait to build the perfect product. MVPs are supposed to be embarrassing. Too many founders play it safe and build MVPs that aren’t really MVPs. Instead of launching to get proof of concept… They wait for the stars to align and for all the features to be functional. Don’t. Launch it and iterate.

danmartell product

4 Easy Ways to Improve SaaS Content Marketing

There is always room for improvement when it comes to content creation and to continuously learn new techniques that revamp how you approach content. I’m going to walk you through four easy ways to boost your content marketing efforts through a variety of topics, including: Gauging the effectiveness of content, understanding real-time visitors engagement, measuring content performance, and improving content with A/B testing.

Sarah Bond @ productled marketing

24 Creative, Competitive, & Click-Worthy Ad Copy Examples

If you’re reading this post, chances are you’re struggle bussing it with your ad copy and in need of some inspiration. Well, shift that bus into park and step into my office—I’ve gathered 24 of the best ad copy examples from five different channels: Search, Display, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Each one comes with tips and takeaways you can apply to your own ad copy—so read on and get ready to transform that struggle bus into a sprinter van.

Kristen McCormick @ wordstream marketing

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You’re all calculating churn rates wrong

Many smart people will tell you to obsess over your churn rate. It’s counterintuitive, but it’s a statistical fact: This number actually tells you nothing useful about churn, but really relates to the age of the subscriptions you have. So the number will literally only look bad if your business is doing extremely well, and optimizing for it will be directly counter-productive.

catchjs product

The Future of Product-Led Growth in 2022

It’s no secret 2021 was a massive year for product-led growth. But where is it headed in 2022? The days of the “free monopoly” are upon us. Software giants are going to enter adjacent markets with completely free products with no intention to monetize, creating free moats that are going to neuter existing competitors. And, we’ll see broader Product-Led Sales (PLS) adoption from PLG companies.

Laura Kluz @ productled product

Improve Your SEO Results By Cleaning Up Your Content

If you’re just continuing to create, optimize and publish new content on top of that mountain of existing underperforming content, I have bad news for you: you’re making your content and SEO life so much harder than it needs to be. That’s because removing underperforming and outdated content has the potential to massively boost SEO success.

Anna Hrach @ convinceandconvert seo

How to Combine SEO and PPC Efforts Effectively

Many digital marketers think of search engine optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns as polar-opposite strategies. Though there is some truth to this idea, it helps look at SEO and PPC as two sides of the same coin—search. While you’re waiting for results from your organic campaigns, best practices suggest you take advantage of PPC to test out and optimize your SEO campaign content.

Diana Ford @ instapage marketing

How tech’s giants drive growth with network effects

Software may be eating the world, but building and scaling products is still quite a challenge. So how do you get past the awkward “cold start problem” of zero users and build the networks that make your product thrive? Even though the underlying principles of network effects have been around for ages (just think about the telephone), we’re only starting to grasp their full potential now. How do teams create and build them into their products, whether they’re messaging apps or collaboration tools?

Des Traynor McCready @ intercom growth

Adding Outbound Sales to a Product-Led Growth Engine

Product-led growth and virality aren’t synonymous. When people hear “product-led growth” there’s an assumption it’s the same thing as a viral product that sells itself. But PLG and virality aren’t necessarily the same thing. The big question you might be wondering: at what time does establishing a sales team in a PLG company add the most value? Sales teams add the most value at the Enterprise level when selling to department heads and C-Suite executives.

Amelia Ibarra @ saastr product

What is the most underrated marketing channel?

That is a common question that pops up when talking to other marketers. We are always looking for that next channel that we can start distributing content on. Especially as we start planning our content for 2022. My answer is always going to be the same, especially for B2B marketers. Pinterest. No matter how many times I scream it from the rooftops, I think it’s hard for most marketers to see Pinterest as a legitimate channel. Especially B2B marketers.

Ryan McCready @ foundationinc marketing

How To Increase Trial Conversions by 23% (Ethically)

So we saw a brilliant trial paywall A/B test recently. It increased trial conversion rates by 23%. But what’s even more interesting is the psychology behind this result. One of the versions had all the typical patterns for a paywall: attention grabbing offer, and 3 great reasons to sign up. The other had none of them. growth

The top 5 things PMs should know about engineering

There’s an old debate about how technically minded product managers should be. One point we can all agree on, though: a strong technical knowledge foundation means a more effective PM. So in that spirit, this post will cover the top five technical things PMs should know: Your company’s tech stack, sensitive points in the codebase, your build and deploy process, how to contribute code, and technical basics 101.

Justin Gage @ lennysnewsletter product

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