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You Cannot Be Data-Driven Without Experimentation

Many product managers, marketers, and engineers think they know how to run an experimentation program, but in most cases, they don’t. What they know how to run are tests. A test is an action that generates an output. Experimentation is a broad, repeatable system that happens to include testing as one of its steps.

reforge growth

“More Free” Seems To Be Working Well These Days

My favorite strategy is not charging customers that right now are struggling. You want customers for life. If their revenue is way down now since Covid-19 hit, maybe just keep them. Even if they can’t pay as much, or even anything for a little while. You can monetize them again later, once their revenue is back up.

Jason Lemkin @ saastr business

How to Reduce Churn with Brand Voice Continuity

Brand voice is critical to brand loyalty in saas. Companies dedicate a lot of time and money to the same goal — they want to give customers a reason to stay and reduce churn. No matter what that personality is for your brand, it’s consistency that counts for reducing customer churn; improving retention by just 5% results in a 25 to 95% increase in profit.

Gillian Singletary @ chartmogul churn

How to Keep Your Customers Hooked Throughout the Sales Cycle

Engaged customers are any business’s biggest asset. Seeing as customers are what make or break a business, you should do everything in your power to keep them engaged at all times. But customer engagement is a tough coup to pull off. In simple terms, the success of your brand is dependent upon the quality of customer experience you can deliver.

Sawaram Suthar @ growth

How to define a strategy for your growth team

I’ve spent the last five years working on growth teams at tech startups. I’ve learned a lot of growth tactics and frameworks. But nobody ever taught me how to create a strategy and communicate it to other levels of leadership. As my career has evolved, those two things have become essential skills.

Andrew Capland @ growandconvert growth

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Creating Signup Pages That Convert (With 12 Examples)

“Attention!“ You’ve heard the word before. Marketers, copywriters, and salespeople talk about attention all the time. It’s like a nervous tic, always sitting on the tip of the tongue. It’s curious, though, because another word that marketers don’t often use is “patience.” And patience is just as important. Today we’re going to cover 12 examples of signup pages that get both patience and attention right.

Valerio Puggioni @ unbounce marketing

The Power of We: Getting Sales and Marketing Aligned

Sales blamed Marketing for not attracting enough high-quality leads, and Marketing claimed Sales wasn’t nurturing leads enough. It became clear that direct communication, aligned messaging, and mutual accountability between the two wasn’t just important. It was essential for growth. Something had to change, so I implemented smarketing.

Anna Pozniak @ saleshacker growth

The Future of B2B Marketing

How do B2B brands need to change the talent they hire, how the structure of B2B marketing teams could fundamentally change, and why we should think about customer experience automation vs. marketing automation. As B2B go-to markets shift more to end-users, distribution is key to winning in their market.

kieranflanagan marketing

Product Work Beyond Product-Market Fit

All product work is not equal. A lot of people believe there’s a quick fix and that all their product problems will be solved by implementing the latest software development process fad. But the real problem is that there are different kinds of product work, each with their own processes, measures of success, and strategies.

Fareed Mosavat @ reforge product

How to Get Backlinks in 2020

Link building is never-ending in SEO, but a little creativity and smart tactics can help you ferret out great link opportunities from their hiding spots. No-brainer link building: Unlinked brand, product, name, etc. mentions, unlinked images, keeping an eye on recently lost links, sites that list competitors, but not you, and much more.

Britney Muller @ moz seo

How to create content that generates sales

“Content is king.” If you have been involved in digital business for more than a week, you must have heard or read this at least once by now. Everyone involved in digital marketing understands that producing content is critically essential to make it big today. But, not everyone knows how to turn their content into subscribers and sales.

Pedro Clivati @ contentools marketing

How habits and anxieties keep people from using your product

Your product matches or even exceeds your competitors. People know about it, some even purchase it, but they don’t use it. What’s going on? It’s likely that you didn’t take people’s habits and fears into account. I will show you how these two forces keep people from using your product.

amran product

9 Onboarding Email Templates to Engage New Users

Are your onboarding emails actually getting users excited about your product? The onboarding process is obviously make-or-break if you’re in SaaS. Either your sign-ups stick around for the long haul or those could-be users disappear into the abyss. Coupled with a ~21% open rate for software emails, and it’s clear than sign-ups are anything but a sure thing.

Brent Barnhart @ baremetrics onboarding

The Future of Building Good Products

What makes a good product team? These teams often have tight-knit, collaborative groups of engineers, product managers, designers and analysts that are all in lock-step when building products and services. There is deliberate focus on how teams are set up such that each has complete ownership and are able to define and manage software delivery in a data driven manner with the right controls in place.

Jocelyn Czerwinski @ optimizely product

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